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Madeleine Galvez

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Why You Need To Blog For Your Fitness Business

As a fitness professional and business owner, you’ve already put the time hitting the books,...

Say more with less: Declutter Your Website

Have you considered that your website might be a cluttered mess that needs some tidying up?

Is your website actionable?

The number 1 mistake gym owners make with their website is a weak CTA (Call to Action).

Suc·cess - the accomplishment of an aim or purpose /səkˈses/

My own definition of success is knowing where you want to go, but more importantly defining how...

Stand out from your competitors


5 Seconds! That's all you have...

Are you struggling with your message? Our new StoryBrand template helps you clarify your...

We've Updated our current PP Website!

That New New 💎 ✨

We're happy to announce that we've updated our current Website! Our new custom...

Convert More Leads Using Better Website Photos

Photography and video is the most important thing on your website. Today's customers do not read...

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