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Investing In Your Success = Investing In Our Success

At PushPress, we have one ultimate goal:

To help boutique gym owners succeed in their vision of bringing fitness to their communities.

In all ways our goals are 100% aligned with yours. Helping gym owners have healthy, viable businesses will allow them to make our world a healthier, happier place. In doing so, PushPress will also become healthier and more viable, and we'll be able to re-invest in accomplishing our mission.

This upward cycle will not only help our clients, as we can continue to pour more resources into helping them. It will trickle down into their communities.

To this note, we'd like to announce that we're growing! As PushPress continues to grow, we're aggressively re-investing in our team and our product. This will allow us to continue to build product faster, support our clients better, and be the best platform we can be.

In April, we added four new faces to the PushPress team and we'd like to announce them all here!

TJ Kiblen - Customer Success

TJ KiblenTJ been a co-owner of our client, CrossFit 913 for 7 years, helping grow it from an 800sf facility to over 8,000sf and 300 members! He has been a competitive CrossFit athlete, even earning himself a spot in the 2016 Regionals.

"Im excited to help other gym owners change the landscape of their communities. I love getting to talk with gym owners daily and learn how they do things."

Listed amongst the things he's most proud of includes "marrying WAY up". Well, TJ, we think we got a helluva guy on the team in you, and I'm sure your wife feels the same way ;)

Albert Yang - Engineering

meAlbert joins our engineering team as a Front End engineer, and will undertake the process of completely overhauling the front end of our platform. Albert graduated from Cal State Long Beach and has been developing for the web for 13 years (over half his life!)

"My greatest joy is to see my work being utilized by the community. I can't wait for the world to see the stuff we're working on here!"

Albert enjoys traditional weightlifting and bodybuilding. A student of all things science, he loves the idea that you can transform you body thru meticulous approach and effort. He started weightlifting at a bodyweight of 115, and has built himself up to 170 pounds of lean muscle!

Lamar Robinson - Websites

Lamar RobinsonLamar joins our Websites services division to assist in all things technical. He has extensive experience in front end development, website development, SEO, and cybersecurity.

If you're a current (or future) PushPress Websites client, you'll be working alongside Lamar to build you the best, most cost efficient lead generating machine possible for your gym!

“I’m excited to use my skillset to help provide gym owners with websites that are modern, clean, and clear to help them drive more leads and more business!”

Lamar is a huge fan of basketball, longboarding, and has the itch to try rock climbing soon.

Rene Moreno - Customer Success

Rene MorenoRene is another PushPress client turned team member! (Are you noticing a trend?) . Rene joins our Customer Success team and you'll likely see him on some on-boarding calls or implementation strategy sessions if you become a PushPress client.

"I help everyone transition successfully into the best platform around!"

Rene owns CrossFit Vetted in Rosenburg, TX and has been working in the fitness field as a coach, owner, trainer, or gym manager for over 10 years.

Prior to his fitness life, Rene was an enlisted soldier in the US Army from 2000 to 2007 (We thank Rene for his service!)


 We, at PushPress are extremely excited about our future, and the future of the boutique fitness industries we serve!  Our continued growth will always be met with continued re-investment in our team and our product, so our clients will never be left to feel abandoned.

If you are interested in learning how PushPress can help your facility, we'd love to chat! Simply click the "Schedule A Demo" link above.


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